Many years ago, in 1993, I Kathleen K. travelled through Nepal on a journey to the land of Tibet.  During my brief stay in Nepal, I became painfully aware of the plight of the widows and orphans living on the streets of the capital city called Kathmandu.  It was late in the evening, dark and I was walking on the edge of the road when suddenly I tripped over something large and soft.  I thought it was a large bag of rice, but much to my surprise it was a small 5 or 6 year old boy.  As I knelt down this dark night and touched this small boy I felt the pure love our Heavenly Father had for him.  This love was overwhelming and I found grace to respond to this love.  This small boy had no home.  His parents had brought him to the city and left him as they were not able to feed or care for him.  There was no orphanage to take him to, I was not permitted to bring him to our hotel and I could not bring him home to the USA.  My heart was broken and and torn for this small young boy and the multitudes I would see like him on the city streets.  That night my heart was overwhelmed with love and compassion for these young defenseless children.  They were fatherless and motherless, completely abandoned but I could feel the heart of the heavenly father wanting to provide for them.  I knelt by my bed that night in Nepal and said to my Heavenly Father that if He would ever permit me I would like to provide loving homes for these small children.  I then began to see the widows......... 

Well, that was 1993, all these years I was wondering if I would ever be able to fulfill the desire that burned ever so strong in my heart.  In 2006 I received the call and commission  from our Heavenly Father to go and begin the work of Restoration Generations.  That is the name that was given, it comes from Isaiah 58:12 .  You shall build up the old waste places, you shall raise up the foundations of many generations and you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.  The  work began in 2006 in Nepal and has extended to other nations in Asia   The Lord has established many partnerships in the Nations we serve. The Lord has done great things!

In the Lord’s infinite wisdom he has provided a host of friends to labor both from the US and the Nations called the Restoration Generations Family.   Some have travelled to visit our children and widows once, some have labored for several years and some are in Asia even as we speak. Some have even gone home to their eternal reward like my Mother, Clare, and Marj both widows who are among that great cloud of witnesses.  My Mom was a special Grandma to many of the children.   Our laborers impart strength, courage and hope into the children and widows.   We let them know how special they are not just by what we say and speak but also by what we do.  We teach them how to be a disciple of Jesus and teach them daily how to honor and serve the Great I am.  I am always aware that love demands action.  Our savior did not just tell us he loved us He showed us He loved us.  It is such an honor for us to serve the least of these......... All because of the cross.     Kathleen K,  Founder

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Restoration Generations Our Story

Pure and Undelfiled religion is this: to visit the orphan and widow in their distress

and to keep oneself unspotted from the worls.. James 1:27