Restoration Generations Widows


The Hebrew word for widow is amlanah. It means a woman who is left without a provider for any reason; the state of loneliness, abandonment or helplessness.........

The Greek word is Cheras and it refers to a woman that has lost her husband in any way, whether through death, desertion, divorce, war or imprisonment.

A father to the fatherless, and a defender of the widows is God in his holy habitation........

Our burden is to plead the plight of the widows who are either abandoned, neglected or forgotten in society. The picture above is of my mom Clare Kamm and Premi.  Premi was the widow of the first pastor in Nepal.  What a precious knitting of hearts of these two great Prayer warriors who have gone to their eternal reward.   We serve the widows in practical ways sometimes paying dpctor bills, buying them bags of rice and lentils, helping their children get educated, sometimes bible study and discipleship. Below are a few of the widows we serve.

you shall raise up the foundations of many generations.....

Job 29:13 says this:

I helped those

without hope and

they blessed me.  

And I caused the

widows hearts to

sing for joy.

This is one of the widows we serve in China.  We were able to help  build her a small block home for she and her son.  We were able to make this widows heart sing for joy.

The widow to the left is one of many we helped feed during Covid 19.  We partnered with a Nepali friend that went and delivered food to the widows.  We also helped with a feeding program to help those in need of food during a time of crisis.  Our help to the widows in ongoing.

A precious widow and her daughter that we serve in Nepal.  We are helping educate her daughter and also helping her in many ways.

This young man, a widows son,  has finished Bible College in India and is now preparing for his future.

These are two lovely widows that cared for some of our children. Their sons also grew up in the childrens home.  What a blessing these two widows were to our children.  

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